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The Ranch


In 1996 Wayne Brokaw and Rita Zorrozua through the encouragement of friends Norbert and Mary Smith, Hillside Llamas (Newberg Or) obtained their first llamas. Since Wayne has shown cows, and Rita dogs they were drawn to the activity of competing in llama shows. Initially they participated in halter classes. But soon noticed the fun that was part of the performance classes. Over the years they have attended the shows in the Northwest and also the ALSA Nationals and the Celebrity Show. Their herd includes Suri, silky, and heavy wooled animals. The B Bar Z Ranch philosophy is the belief that llamas can be a part of an individuals wellness program in terms of maintaining a balance of life through the utilization of llamas as a medium for emotional wellbeing. With that belief, the ranch has become a vehicle for Animal Centered Therapy for adults and youth.









Animal Assisted Play Therapy


Rita Zorrozua is a licensed Mental Health Therapist (LICSW). Rita is also a supervisor in play therapy through the Association For Play Therapy (RPTx-S). Rita has been in the field of providing therapy for over 46 years. Wayne Brokaw through volunteer service with his wife, Rita and through his community activities such as foster parenting and supporting the needs of veterans and domestic violence victims has a keen awareness of the challenges of those that are marginalized in our society. Since 2007 clients who were in therapy have been given the opportunity to address their emotional needs through the use of llamas and miniature horses at the Ranch. They have been introduced to the animals and many have moved forward in there interaction with the animals and have even participated in shows and competitions. Parental figures of the children have also joined in this filial approach to therapy. Wayne Brokaw and Rita Zorrozua received specific clinical training in Animal Assisted Therapy Play in New York in 2012 with Dr Rise Van Fleet, PH.D.

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